The selection of right person for right job and to predict his behaviour under odds has always been an intricate process. Especially, for military organizations, stakes are much higher than profit or loss. Military leaders are required to possess some special qualities, which make them different from managers and entrepreneurs.


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The ISSB assesses your mental mindset by engaging with you in two interviews. One by the Deputy and the other by the psychologist. What you can expect from both of them are that they will try to ridicule you and make you feel underconfident and try their best to bambozle you. but don’t give in. That’s the part of the plan and be ready for it.

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The Last portion of the test would be the Picture and Pointer Stories that would judge how you think. you would be given limited amount of time and you are to write the thoughts on the page. and let the person judging you know what goes on in your mind when given a time constraint.

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